Project Management (Demo)
4. Control Projects during the Implementation Phase
4.1 Project Controlling
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Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA)

Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) is a most effective and clear instrument for the supervision of the project progress. A prerequisite for the employment of MTA is a realistic schedule plan, the definition of an appropriate number of meaningful milestones (see Chapter 3.3) as well as the regular conduct of a project meeting (Jour Fixe), where the schedule agreements and with it the actual processing state of the work packages is examined.
The Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) is constantly updated during the entire project duration in one single diagram. This consists of two time axis. Here the milestone terms are entered on the vertical axis against the respective project meetings on the horizontal axis. At each project meeting the responsible project co-workers must furnish an estimate of when a milestone will be reached. This date is then entered into the diagram. Should a change of the planned milestone date occur, this must be documented.
In this way little-by-little a graph emerges for each milestone from which the trend of the project can be read:
  • Does the graph move upwards, it means delays in the project.
    Abbildung: Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) - Delays in the Project Figure: Description
    Fig.: Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) - Delays in the Project
  • A horizontal graph implies that the project moves according to plan.
    Abbildung: Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) - Project According to Plan Figure: Description
    Fig.: Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) - Project According to Plan
  • Does the graph move downwards, it means completion achieved earlier than planned.
    Abbildung: Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) - Earlier Completion Figure: Description
    Fig.: Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) - Earlier Completion
This type of depiction, therefore, is also a suitable instrument to document the project progress without software assistance. It denotes the trends clearly and precisely and enables a simple interpretation and, if necessary, a timely correction.