Project Management - A Professional Training Course

Susanne Kollmeier

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Project Management is a goal-oriented management concept for initiating, planning, monitoring and controlling projects. Project management also includes employee management as well as the documentation of processes and project results.

This professional training course provides the most important success factors for the basics of professional project management and introduces practicable instruments and methods suitable across all industries and sectors. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of check lists, forms and other templates for individual project work. In the course of this learning programme you will be actively involved in the planning and controlling of an example project for which you will develop solutions and apply different project management tools.

Target Group

The target group of this basic course are people who do project-oriented work in their daily professional life or who wish to strengthen the competences as a project manager. Furthermore, this course is targeted at students of all faculties who want to become acquainted with the basic subject-matter of project management.

What Do You Learn in this Course?

This course provides you with comprehensive input into the basics and methods of project management. You will acquire the knowledge and resources necessary to differentiate the project cycle into its phases and to apply adequate project management instruments, including essential forms and checklists. With the help of a project example you can directly comprehend the practical relevance of the learning contents.

  • In Chapter 1 focuses on the basics of project management. It explains the characteristic features of a project and what kinds of projects exist. The functions and tasks of project management are presented as well as the instruments and criteria for successful project management.

  • Chapter 2 shows how projects are initiated in the definition phase and how a project organisation typically looks like. From the analysis of the starting position through the clarification of project goals and the structuring of the project order to the kick-off meeting all components of the definition phase are described.

  • Chapter 3 deals with the planning and organisation of projects during the planning phase. In particular, the project structure plan, the project flow and scheduling as well as resources, cost and quality planning are explained.

  • Chapter 4 covers the management of projects during the implementation phase and includes aspects such as project controlling, quality assurance, team leadership as well as project documentation.

  • In Chapter 5 describes the project completion phase. The structure and function of the conclusion presentation, report and meeting are delineated. Furthermore, it is shown what needs to be taken into account in the dissolution of the project team and in project maintenance.

  • Chapter 6 presents practical aids which can support you in your daily project work.

How is the Course Structured?

The course supports interactive and multimedia learning in the following ways:

  • You can either work on the course from chapter to chapter in a linear structure or freely select any chapter and proceed in any order you prefer.

  • Animations and interactive graphics support you in the learning process.

  • With the help of a digital notepad you can directly apply and reflect on the acquired knowledge.

  • You have the possibility to access internet links in the course software which lead you to relevant internet websites with additional information.

  • The easy-to-use interface with full-text search, bookmarks, glossary, index and individual notepad facilitate your work on the course contents.


approx. 40 hours

System Requirements

PC or notebook, recommended screen resolution 1024 x 768 to 1280 x 1024 pixels, sound card (optional), CD-ROM or DVD drive, current internet browser (Microsoft Internet ExplorerMozilla Firefox or a comparable browser). Operating systems: WindowsLinuxMacOS.

Mobile App of the Training Programme

The app of this training programme for Apple iPad and Android tablets is avaialable on App Store and Google Play. Please use your matriculation number and password or your individual access code to download the full version of the app.


Course Fee

145,00 EUR
(reduced price for enrolled students of the FernUniversität: 115,00 EUR)

Course Number

78057 (only for enrolled students of the FernUniversität)


The course fulfils the criteria for accessibility according to the guidelines of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).


After the completion of the training course a certificate can be acquired at the FernUniversität in Hagen. For the acquisition of the certificate a written examination needs to be passed. An application for admission to the examination can be found in the course package. You can also register online for the exam, if you have taken the course.
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